Camel Up announced!

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The award winning classic is back! Camel Up returns with all new art, components, and rules - avaiable soon for pre-order! Eggertspiele is very excited to announce the return of Camel Up, designed by the award winning designer, Steffen Bogen!  More than just a pretty new face - things have changed a lot since you last played it!  At the center of the board is a brand new, dazzling pyramid that provides greater ambiance to the game. Players will also discover new game modes, including the crazy rogue camels that start the race running in the opposite direction! Lastly, long time fans and new ones will enjoy the updated board and components, including new engraved dice and all new illustrations!

NEW: Rogue Camels

NEW: Dazzling Dice Pyramid

The new version of Camel Up offers something for new and existing fans - it is the definitive version to own! With all new art and revised game play - it's time to return to the tracks.  Be sure to pre-order your copy of this family favorite!

Camel Up will be available at Essen 2018 and available in retailers shortly after.  Be sure to place your bets err preorders at

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