Coimbra - Deluxe Dice Box

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US$ 14.99

ESGWEB 50110-001

New product

This item is available for pre-orders. Expected delivery September 2018

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Royal Treatment offers a king’s ransom of deluxe goodies!

Inside you'll find a felt-lined box that serves as a dice tray. Players will also find 4 uniquely designed,  dual-colored dice that introduces deeper strategy with another challenging decision - an option for another income dice or to trade resources for different income. Lastly, included is another end game scoring category. 

After receiving the Royal Treatment, you will never want to play without it! 


1 Deluxe dice box
4 custom dice
4 wooden bells (1 in each color)
1 rule book for expansion

DIMENSIONS: 120 X 170 X 40mm

Expected delivery date : September 2018

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It is the Age of Discovery and Portugal’s largest cities are prospering: Lisbon, Porto, and especially Coimbra with its famous university.

This item is available for pre-orders. ETD: September 2018
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This pre-order bundle includes a copy of both Coimbra and it's Deluxe Dice Box. This bundle at a discounted rate of $74.98 US, is on pre-order until August 27th, 2018.

This item is available for pre-orders. ETD: September 2018