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ESG 50100

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In Mombasa, players acquire shares of chartered companies based in Mombasa, Cape Town, Saint-Louis and Cairo and spread their trading posts throughout the African contintent in order to earn the most money.
Mombasa is a lavisch stategy game that stands out, especially with its innovative card mechanism and its unusual, even inconvenient and challenging setting. The depth and subtle interweaving of unique game elements will appeal to true gamers everywhere.

• Inventive mechanisms

• Exquisite gamers game

• Challenging and engaging


1 game board
4 double-sided company tracks
4 player boards
88 cards
60 trading posts
16 track markers
20 bonus markers
4 ink jar markers
4 diamond markers
72 book tiles
10 starting tiles
4 bonus tiles
60 coins
1 first player marker
1 scoring note pad
4 overview sheets
2 rule books (English, German)

| Player: 2-4 | Age: 12+ | Duration: 75-150 |

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Discounted offer only on pre-orders for Pick-up at Essen 2018.Regular MSRP : 69.99 USDLanguage: English

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